YOUR GUIDE TO .LT DOMAININGAll resources and service providers for buying and selling Lithuanian domains.

Lithuanian domains market is one of the most developed in the region. There are several resources that provide help acquiring premium .LT domains and facilitate the marketplace. Check them out below.

Official Organisations

Domenų valdytojų asociacija

Domenų valdytojų asociacija

Lithuanian Domainers' Association is the only organization uniting major Lithuanian domain holders and providing them with exclusive domaining tools.

DomReg manages the .LT domain registry. It provides official regulations, statistics and the WHOIS service.

.LT Domain Registration Services

Lithuanian Domain Registrars – Lithuanian domain registration – Lithuanian registry

Domain Checkers Checker – bulk domain checker with WHOIS and backordering – official WHOIS service

Freely Available Domaining Resources

Expired and Expiring Domains Lists Short – [English] available and expiring short .LT domains – [Lithuanian] soon expiring domains – [Lithuanian] expired domains

Marketplaces Market – .LT domains for sale – Lithuanian domainers forum